Entry for Brackeys Game Jam#2
Made in 1 week.

Go throgh the cave in search of H8-Stone, blinded by overwhelming love of your crush just to let her come back to being normal.

Story about desperate guy who tries to fix his mistake after "poisoning" his date with Love Potion. To cure her he needs to find H8-Stone which will undo the potion effect.

Main artist - CM Friesen https://studioisojia.itch.io/
Concept art - Denji
Animation - Denji
Main Coder - Niklas https://itch.io/profile/salkiniklas
Secondary Coder - Denji
Musician - NoiseKraft https://itch.io/profile/noisekraft
Game Design - Denji


LovePotion.zip 34 MB


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nice game, i didnt see this one before. I loved the art, but I didnt feel very confortable seeing a man carrying a woman like an object, but I am sure that u guys didnt mean it that way.

Sorry for making u uncomfortable but if u wait long enough we will make opposite and pug versions just like spelunky did.
Then u can replay the game and enjoy every second!

Very nice idea & mechanics. You can tell the puzzles are interesting and well-thought and the whole atmosphere is really pretty. Music felt a bit repetitive at times but it also fit the mood well and was really nice overall!.

There were a couple of parts where I got stuck and had to refresh the page because I wasn't even able to die to restart the level, but thankfully the "continue" feature made it so I didn't have to play the whole game again.

At one level (2nd or 3rd from last I think) sound was behaving a bit weird (jumping sound still played after I'd jumped or footsteps sounded without me moving) but it generally wasn't a problem. 

The main "issue" I think might be the fact that if the girl is near you, you can jump and then grab her mid-air. This allows you to jump high and still carry the girl. You can skip a lot of obstacles/puzzles that way and it might ruin the whole point of the game.

Overall, job really well done for a jam game! Haven't played a lot of the games yet but this seems to be one of the better ones, so far!

PS: Favourite level: The one where you had to clear the path for the girl below. Reminded me of Braid <3

I'ts a great game. I love the mechanics.
The puzzles are great, I enjoyed finding the solutions.

However there is one that requires perfect timing, without any room for error, and I can't see myself completing that level at all.
(The one where you drop the box by activating the moving platform at the end of the level)

There is a bug where 1 click fires 2 hearts at a time. This obviously makes it difficult to activate switches.

Thanks for feedback!
I fixed the shooting bug and made level a little easier so feel free to give it another try!
Hope u can make it to the end this time :)

Thanks again for palying :)

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Finished it.

Cool :)

I'm stuck on the very first platform and don't have any idea of what to do.

yeah that's a breaking platform(breaks when player and girlfriend are both on top of it) Sorry for the inconvinience. We didnt get to making a tutorial